Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I'm reading/Tuesday book review

Yes, this is the Tuesday book review. Yes, I know it's Thursday. Sorry :(

First of all let me say it's been a crazy week. I'll blog about that later. Next let me say that I'm way more bummed than I thought I'd be that Bible Study is over! I miss the daily discipline of the homework and the fellowship on Tuesday nights-a lot! I feel like I'm sort of on a spiritual road without a map again and I'm hating it! And with that I'm done talking about the Esther study. The plan is to start another one in January which seems kinda far away. I'll keep ya posted!

Did you know I liked Steven James? You did??? No way! Well, I'm not here to talk about The Pawn, The Rook, and The Knight AGAIN (breathe big sigh of relief). I'm reading his latest book which is non-fiction/christian living. A Heart Exposed. Talking to God with nothing to hide. A book of prayers.

I'm not a believer that we need people to write prayers for us, but I do kinda like when people express their own hearts and journeys through written prayers. I love the way he writes and he has more than once taken the words right out of my heart with this book. I'm not finished yet, but it's good!

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