Friday, September 18, 2009

Whine Whine Whine

Wow, it's been a crazy few weeks. I hesitated seriously even posting this tonight because I'm praying for sooooooo many people right now who are facing amazing situations without a good outcome. People who are suffering in ways I thankfully cannot imagine, and people if given the option would change lives with me in a heartbeat.

So, knowing that perspective is a beautiful thing and because people have been asking, I'll update you on the drama in the life of Brenda :)

My throat has been feeling weird for a few weeks. Because I spend 2 days a week around the emergency room and everyone I know is sick (ok, not everyone, but just about), I really assumed I was getting sick. Friday night when I woke up to go to work my throat felt thick but I really didn't think that much about it. It was annoying, but that was about it. I ended up letting the ER dr. look at it while I was over there doing a consult and he said it looked weird.

By Saturday night it was closing up and I couldn't breathe. By far the scariest moment of my life to date. I ended up back at the ER with some meds to open up my airway and diagnosed with an "unstable airway." Duh. Back to Greenleaf to try to finish the weekend. And I honestly do not know how I finished the weekend except to say that God was super gracious. I saw every patient that came to the hospital, finished every last piece of paperwork and somehow managed to leave early. A miracle-all 3 of those.

So this has been the week of trying to figure out why my throat is not interested in staying open. It's been some long nights of trying not to be afraid. Saturday was just scary enough to make me a little nervous that it might happen again. I've been so thankful for a God who doesn't sleep, who cares when we're afraid and knows what's going on in our lives. My regular dr. wanted me to stay in the hospital (in hindsight I really should have), the ENT Dr. found a few things that were concerning (after doing an in office upper endoscopy with no anesthesia-I'll spare you the details of that!), and tomorrow they're going to do a cat scan to try to figure out exactly what's going on. 12 perscriptions later I can breathe better and I'm not coughing every 2 seconds to clear a throat that won't clear. So, it's way better than it was last weekend.

You are all so sweet to always ask how you can pray for me and I've told you 100 times I'd rather pray for you, but since you asked here's a few specific requests! Thank you.

-That the CAT scan results will come back quickly and with an explanation of the symptoms

-That this weekend would go smoothly. I am not going to be able to take the medication while I work this weekend so please pray my throat would stay open on it's own!

Thanks again! I'll keep you posted :)

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