Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Year Ago

1 Year ago today I read Karen Kingsbury's Book The Prism Weight Loss System and after meeting her a few weeks before decided to give it a whirl. I didn't have any idea how not to eat sugar and white flour and had I known that those 2 ingredients are in EVERYTHING I might have turned on my heels and headed for Dairy Queen!

No sugar, no white flour, no fried foods.

It started an amazing adventure. I think I prayed more the 1st few weeks then I had in a long time. I felt like I was learning to eat all over again. I found sugar in places sugar really shouldn't be (kidney beans, what?) and learned much about nutrition. The first phase lasts 6 weeks and I decided somewhere in the 1st one that 6 would be enough. I'm so thankful today that I endured.

And believe me when I say I'm so not judging anybody for eating anything. This program is certainly what the Lord had for me not just for the health aspect, but the dedication to His ways for my life that ultimately led me on a quest back to Him. Had you asked me a year ago today if you thought I would make it I feel certain I would have told you probably not. It seemed like an insurmountable task and today it's just the way I run my life. There's such freedom in never having to think about eating sweets-I just don't. I never have to think about fried foods-I just don't eat them.

I'm so thankful that with the Lord's help I have dedicated 52 weeks to cleaning up this temple. I'm so thankful that I have put food into this temple to help it run efficiently and not inhibit it's progress. And it has thanked me in return with not being sick once this year except for a few allergies and giving me sustainable energy most days.

The average American consumes 22 grams of refined sugar per day. That is 120 pounds of refined sugar a year per person! Yikes! I'm thankful that I have not put my body through that this year.

And even though it's way easier now then it was 52 weeks ago it's still hard sometimes. It's defintiely not the norm! I can't tell you how many times I've turned down birthday parties etc especially early on. Now I can go and enjoy the company without feeling like I'm missing out on being a part of something. I definitely dreaded all the holidays last year, but not this year.

And I still have a ways to go! Starting year 2 I feel like I'm just starting to hit my stride. By nature of some other health concerns I am dedicating this year again to no sugar, no white flour, no fried foods and in addition - no meat! Why not? I've signed the contract and stuck it in the mail before I change my mind. I've wanted to be vegetarian for a long time and I think this is the year to make it happen. And just like I said about the Prism system-if I hate it in 52 weeks I'll go back, but I have a feeling I won't.

I cannot say enough about the Prism system, the people at Prism, the educational materials they provide, the Bible studies that go along with the 1st phases and the excitement they share with you. I owe so much of my success health wise of this year to them and I'm so thankful!

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