Saturday, August 1, 2009

All Good

Had a great day yesterday at the dog park. I would have great very cute pictures of soaking wet filthy dogs but it POURED as soon as we got there and then not for the rest of the day. So, cameras stayed in the car! They swam. They played with other dogs. They barked and barked. They hiked the trails. They slept all the way home, took a bath and we all slept most of Friday. Wonderful. It was nice to get away for the day.

Had plans to accomplish more than sleep for Friday but seriously did NOTHING all day. Woke up late, ate, took a nap, drank coffee, watched TV and went back to sleep to rest up for the weekend. LAZY. It was fabulous. And now back to the real world of work!

Here's to a good weekend for all of you!

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