Friday, August 7, 2009

Not too much

Really not so much to share to this week. I've been overthinking some things, desperately trying to keep my house clean, going out the garage so I don't have to see the weeds that need pulled in my flower bed (HA!), killing the biggest spider I've ever seen in my kitchen, giving my dogs bones at 3:30 AM so they'd keep sleeping, starting pre-inventory at the store, buying new clothes, washing old clothes, bathing dogs, having bible study, going to bible study, getting a pedicure, getting up way too early, going to bed way too late, eating my weight in watermelon, praying for some friends who are struggling, being thankful for the friends who pray for me, thinking God has way more faith in me then I'll ever have in myself, working out the kinks in some friendships, and whatever else God has placed in my path this week. Just a regular week I suppose! What have you been up to? Brenda

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