Wednesday, July 8, 2009

so much to say

I have so much to say that I'm afraid this post will also end up as a random post but officially after right now I'm not apologizing for random posts. I like em and that's kind of what I am right now-random-so there ya go :)

First of all, Michael Jackson's funeral cost the city of Los Angeles 1.4 million dollars. Ahem. Don't take this the wrong way. Michael Jackson was a rare talent who was a classic case of money mixed with mental illness if you ask me. I think it's sad when anyone dies young. I think the memorial was totally ridiculous with people who you never saw with michael jackson in life boo hoo crying probably for their own recognition in his death. And please for all that is right with the news-PUT THE MAN IN THE GROUND AND GET ON WITH IT! I'm so sick of hearing about it! I need Good Morning America to get back to telling me the calorie content of food and other necessary facts!

Yesterday I gave blood which by now you know I always do. I decided that I would let the new girl stick me because I have veins the size of water hoses and I like to give new people a chance-one chance. She stuck the needle all the way through my vein. It's sooooooo sore today! And black and blue. To her credit she did really well when she tried the other arm and to MY credit I let her try again. I'm nice like that. ANNNNNNNNNNND-guess who won a $100 Visa gift card in the blood drive drawing????? ME!!!! How fun is that! I'll turn it into Starbucks right before your eyes-watch and see.

I think you can't really appreciate the presence and power of God in your life until you've experienced a season without it. I can't believe 3 weeks ago I was sitting on a friend's couch telling her I didn't know where God went and I felt so disconnected to the Christian community as a whole. I wish I could have seen this week coming! He's so faithful.

First of all for 3 weeks in a row I've been able to go to church. A true miracle. I can't say it better than how I sent it to a friend after Sunday..........Here's the E-mail.

So, you might think I'm dumb to get so excited that God keeps Sunday morning free but it really is crazy how wonderful it is. My calendar has calls/appts this morning at 715/800/810/840/900/920. I transferred all my calls to the supervisor who just told me, "Brenda, it didn't ring once-for anything!" He was as shocked as I was! I just transferred the calls back to my phone and 30 seconds later the ER called with a patient who had just gotten there. Hmm! I know I'm easily amused, but for the girl who isn't ever promised a lunch break it's pretty neat that 2+ hours have just freed up 3 weeks in a row!! And I know if the time comes that I have to be here on a Sunday morning then that's where I need to be, but I do love being there!

And thanks for letting me hang out with you and your husband. It's nice to be with you. You both live Jesus from the inside out and it's truly a blessing to watch. It's been almost 8 years since I've been in a church that I wanted to go to. It's worth every hurried moment early Sunday morning to be there.

So, maybe it's not a part the red sea sized miracle for the Lord to clear one person's schedule for a few hours, but it means just as much to me. Thank you for praying and thanks for being a part of what the Lord is doing in my life!

And I meant every word of it! God is so good.

And last night we started the Bible study Esther at my house. INCREDIBLE! I'm so excited. I have a great group of people coming and I already love the study! Thanks for praying for these women. God is meeting us there!

And this morning I joined ANOTHER study at the church on systematic theology. It's at 7:30 AM (yawn!), but so worth getting up for. I'm lovin it. And it so nice to be plugged in again to what the Lord is doing.

So tonight I have to go to the gym and get groceries and tomorrow night I have huge plans to do nothing for a few hours. I think I've earned it this week! Hope you all are doing well. more soon!

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