Saturday, July 25, 2009


Here's your random post for the week:

-Today in the mail I got a form letter from my dentist. It stated that he's had gastric bypass to help lower his cholesterol. UMMMMM.....we're not really that close! But whatever.

-I'm sooooo excited to have Thursday and Friday off this week. The dogs and I are packing up and heading to Jacksonville with our friend Tammy and her dog Ryder. We'll eat lunch and then spend 7 hours at the dog park playing, hiking trails and swimming in the doggy pools. Maybe even take a nap and read a book under a shade tree. We can't wait! I'm not going to tell the dogs yet though. They'd be so excited they wouldn't be able to sleep! :)

-Bible study is going so well! I love love love love it. And I love Beth Moore studies because seriously if you thought you weren't in the Word enough before-you are now! Esther is incredible. Lovin it!

-What I'm not lovin is electric bills in the south for the summer......ugh.

-I'm a huge fan of french press coffee which proposes 2 problems-it's horrible for your cholesterol and a big pain to make-problem!

-My pastor has been out of town for 2 weeks and I've missed church once and probably twice tomorrow due to work stuff-and I sooooooo miss it! Praying I can go back next week! I kinda got used to it!

-I still think Baby Mama is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen and watched it again with a friend this week. I'm considering this line for the Christmas card this year, "Being single is not an alternative lifestyle!"

-I have to get back to work. What are you up to?


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