Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Maybe I'm just not extravagent. Maybe lately I just see the necessity of Daily Bread. Maybe it hurts my brain to think 10 years down the road or 5 minutes from now for that matter. But lately, my prayer has been Lord, let it be enough.

Let me have:
enough faith to trust you today with today.

enough love to be Christ like to the people around me and to love them well.

enough grace for those around me who are struggling knowing it has been all too often me.

enough joy to live today without despair.

enough hope to know You have promised a future and a hope for those who trust in you.

enough light to not be swallowed up in darkness.

enough time today to accomplish the tasks you have set before me.

enough strength to do things well.

enough peace to entrust what cannot be solved today to you tomorrow.

Let me:
Know I'm Yours
Hear your voice
Trust your heart
Keep you first

Lord, you are enough. If you never ever did another thing for us, you've already done far more than we deserve. You know the needs we don't yet know we need. You know the desires so deep in our hearts there aren't adequate words to describe. You know that what we need more than anything is more of you. Thank you that you love to answer that prayer. Amen

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