Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday book review

Since I promised not to use Robert Benson as a bookclub author (why did I do that?), I'll have to use his books that I love as book reviews! I finished this a few weeks ago and naturally I loved it. Here's some highlights.
-I am in search of enough good days to make a life.
-See life in 4 pieces (prayer, rest, community, and work)
-How we spend our day is of course how we spend our lives-Annie Dillard
-For even though I am not called to live the life of a monk, I am called to live a life that becomes the gospel.
-Way of learning to balance the areas of my life so that I might actually become a person of prayer.
-I began to see that one might construct a way of living that no longer separated one's spirtual life from the rest of one's life.
-Day by day remind yourself that you are going to die.
It's a great book, but seriously, did we expect anything less from Robert Benson? I didn't think so!


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