Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My sweet friends

Hello my sweet blog world! I'm back and I'm promising to be a better blogger. I'll wait while you do a little cheer :)

Be warned this might also be a random assortment of facts. I know you love it.

First of all I went to see My Sister's Keeper last night. Obviously I read the book by Jodi Piccoult since she's one of my favorite authors in the secular market. I have not cried in a movie since I saw Hope Floats - until last night! It was unbelievably sad and sooooo good. I'll excuse the producers of the film for changing the ending because it was that good. It should go without saying now that the book was better, but it was still good. And now I'm officially on Movie Hiatus while I spend 10 weeks in Bible study during my regularly scheduled movie night.

Speaking of - Bible study starts Tuesday night! I'm so excited and still a little overwhelmed with the last minute details of getting my house in order! I need to be super productive tonight with cleaning and then I'll feel better. If you think about it pray for these wonderful women that God would meet us right where we are and change us from there to be more like Him!

Apparently I'm destined to write a book. This morning a girl ran into the back of my car. It was like the scene from a sitcom I promise you. She's late for class and tells the officer that she needs to run and take her test real quick (WHAT?). She lost her license at a bar and didn't report it (WHAT?). And she was so young I pretty much felt like her mom telling her she probably should wait for the police, she probably can get a new license plate and she should probably be thankful the officer didn't rush her to jail for not having a license! I even suggested she call her professor and tell her why she's not in class taking her test right now. What can I say - I'm friendly like that! Thankfully the PT Crusier convertable is built like a tank. Not even a scratch. Her car-not built like a tank-enough said :)

Only if you wear contact lenses will you appreciate this, but this morning I was at the eye dr. and they have FINALLY created an eye drop that you can use whether you have your contacts in or not. I have really dry eyes and I stay awake all the time so I'm a big fan of eye drops. For years I've had drops for contacts and drops for without. Until today my friends! I'm going home to throw away every random bottle I have and invest a small fortune in Systane Ultra Eye Drops. Yippee! Plus they work really well so far so that's a plus.

Again I got to go to church on Sunday! You just don't know what a gift that is and it's even better that it comes after about 1/2 my weekend is over with. God is good good good. The sermon was on Peter and John. I'm pretty sure Peter and I would have been better friends but I so love the John people in my life. It was a great sermon, good company and great encouragement for the rest of the weekend.

okay, have to get back to work. Book reviews coming soon! Hope you're having a good day!


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