Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm not a fan of balance. I'm not even kinda good at keeping balance in my life. By nature I stay out of balance. I like to stay up late even though I have to get up early. I like to get up early even though I could use the extra sleep. I like to stay at the gym for 2 hours even if it means I won't be able to walk tomorrow. I like to have LOTS of fun when I have fun and spend time with all the people I love all the time even if it means neglecting other important things. I like to have long conversations as often as possible. I live wide open-by nature.

This week I have noticed in many obvious ways, this isn't working at the moment. I started the week by going to the gym at 5:30 A.M. on Monday morning. WHAT? I did just work all weekend! By lunch I was ready for bed. I was glad Monday night to have the gym out of the way but it made for a long out of balanced feeling afternoon.

Tuesday I had the most wonderful day off! I loved sleeping in, hanging out, playing with the dogs, taking a nap, running some errands, etc. I had planned to do some yard work but seriously-it's over 100 degrees here and for a girl who wears black all the time, that won't work! I was not so secretly excited that I didn't have to. I finished the night with dinner and coffee with my sweet friend Erin and some really good God conversation.

I don't even remember Wednesday!

Thursday I went to work and out with a friend and got home late and stayed up too late!

Worked today and sigh, I'm at work now for the weekend not in anyway rested! It's going to be a long weekend. I'm thankful that this is not a surprise to the Lord. I've wanted to only spend time with Him this week and that hasn't happened to the degree I'd hoped for. I've been non-stop working on the fruit of the spirit which just might kill me. I can't tell you how many times this week I did NOT have a comment - yeah for God! If this keeps up I'm not going to have anything to say!! :) It's been good. Hard and devestatingly painful to realize how quickly we get off track with Him, but still good.

And thank you for praying for the bible study starting at my house July 7th. God is in the group that is coming and I'm so excited to see what He has for them and for me. He's so kind to use us even when we feel the least effective! Please pray for the women who are coming that are hurting and/or in a dry season with the Lord that they would find refreshment and renewal in these times together.

And now I must get to work for the weekend! Sorry I have not been in touch this week. It's been crazy! I'm praying that this weekend holds many eternal moments that you won't miss and that your life is encouraged and changed by every single one of them!

Have a great weekend!

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