Monday, January 31, 2011

Restored to Factory Settings

In case you've lost count-this is my 3rd iPhone 4. Yes, I know, I just got a brand new one a month ago when "someone" dropped it in water. I have a bad track record with cell phones, but this time it was not my fault. Honest. On Monday my phone decided staying charged was just too hard and so it stopped.
I live nowhere near an apple store (Is that Apple I hear cheering?) so my only local option is ATT. Let's say they're no help.
I jumped on the phone with Apple who asked, "Has your phone been restored to factory settings?"
I said, "No."
They said, "Well, restore it to factory settings, but just know once you do there's no turning back."
I couldn't help but think in that moment the same thing is happening to those who believe. We're thousands of years away from Eden and an undetermined amount of time from Heaven, but daily, little by little, we're being restored to factory settings. We're becoming more like who He's called us and transforming into the way we were originally intended to be. We're being conformed to His image. I hope I'm more ready today to meet Jesus IRL than I was yesterday. And I pray more than anything I'll never look back.

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