Monday, January 31, 2011

Peace Love Jesus and.....Tea?

Because it's a better option for weight loss and overall well being.
Because I need to sleep more and better.

Because sometimes I need to. Okay. A lot of the time.

Because sometimes I'm just not very.

Yep, the rumors are true. This self appointed caffeine queen is laying down her lattes in an on going attempt for serenity. 2 weeks in I can comfortably say I'm actually going to do it. I'm not giving up coffee completely, but as of next week I'll be only drinking decaf except for very special occasions-and emergencies......still to be defined.
I'm not only drinking decaf tea. That would be ridiculous. But I am trying to tip the scales in the direction of caffeine free. I can already tell such a difference.

Tetley British Blend is officially what convinced me I could switch to tea and survive. I'm loving the decaf and regular with vanilla almond milk. Truly fabulous.

And today it occurred to me. I can drink 51.5 cups of tea for the price of.................1 latte!


Sue said...


Funny thing is that I am sensitive to theophylline so I get more jittery on non-green teas than I do on coffee... I can't overdrink coffee due to the acidity but it's interesting how our individual biochemistry is different!

Peace, love, Jesus and RED WINE,

Anonymous said...

Yikes - good luck!

Brenda Finkle said...

LOL - this was the cutest post ever. I love it and can sense that it's working. Tea - a very good thing. Hmmm, biochemistry from the fabulous Sue. Now, that sounds familiar.

Peace winging your way sister....