Saturday, April 2, 2011

World with an End-Amen

You'll have to forgive this post. I just watched the musical horror that was Grey's Anatomy from Thursday night which has me thinking about what's wrong with the world. Yes, I'm 2 days behind. You'll remember I'm adamantly opposed to owning a tv, but not to the wonder that is iTunes (don't judge). I have no deeply religious opinion on the fiasco, but the verse "Jesus wept" comes to mind for some reason. I digress. This week I got all the dark color stripped out of my hair and returned to my natural bonde-ish state. The chemicals made my hair dry which made my hair frizzy which made me mad. I'm on the deep conditioned road back to flowing locks of beauty, but it's apparently going to be a longish journey. In other news, I really want to watch Tangled (and I will). I, super reader that I claim to be, have been reading the same novel for over a month. True story. That's what my life has become-one that can't finish a whole book anymore. To be fair, I don't love the book and I've read a few in between, but still. Also, I think Jodi Picoult must get a TON of hate mail. Just sayin. I love the new Mandisa CD. No, really, I love it. I've listened to it ALL week. If you feel sometimes like God has left the building, you're frustrated with doing life on your own, or you just need permission to cry once in awhile-this CD is for YOU! I couldn't pick a favorite song if you held a gun to my head. OKAY, if you hold a gun to my head I'll say number 6. Or 11. See, I can't. GET IT on Tuesday! The free Starbucks reward drink I got in the mail yesterday was a glowing reminder that yes, I've fallen off the "I gave up caffeine" wagon recently. I had good reasons, but I don't anymore. So, it's back to tea for this girl. True confession-I feel better when I drink tea and my wackadoo blood pressure tends to be a tad more cooperative. Forgive me Apple for I have sinned: This week I returned to a PAPER daily planner. I really, really tried to run my entire life from my phone, but when I turned it off (GASP) for hours at a time, with it went the reminders for important dinner. And a girl's gotta eat. I know. Prehistoric. I may have prayed one prayer more than others this week, "Thanks for loving me.......a mess." I believe God loves those prayers. Which makes me happy that one day this world will come to an end and with it bad hair days, Caffeine restrictions and all the other craziness that makes me glad to be on my way Home. World WITH an end....... Amen.

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Melinda Lancaster said...

My story has different elements but I can so relate. "World with an end-amen." I'll second that.