Monday, April 25, 2011

Stumbling Into Grace - Book Review

True Confession - I've never read a book by Lisa Harper. Another one? I'm so sad I haven't.

As one who frequently feels like she's stumbling in the faith department, I related to every single page of this book. Honest, funny, and deeply spiritual without being condescending - this book is a keeper. I'm not exaggerating when I say I laughed and I cried - on repeat - from beginning to end.

I loved her explanation about Jesus advocating rest for His followers. It's an ongoing whispering theme of this life - rest, be still, know that I am your God. She says, "Resting, learning to weave practical Sabbaths into our schedules, isn't a punitive decree; it's God's generous endowment for our protection and perseverance." Amen.

I've been thinking a lot in recent months about the people in my story. I've thought about taking the time to establish and nurture those supportive relationships, people who are on a similar path on the way home to God. On the opposite side, I've thought about those who do not speak their concerns about this life with love, who are negative, and who are draining. It's been a difficult decision to let some of those fall by the wayside. Discernment.

"I've been praying for that same kind of discernment lately. I want to recognize the dangerous, potentially biting characters in my story: the people who create constant emotional debris with their destructive personalities or who refuse to shed the skin of deception, the ones who threaten the God -with-me peace in my life, learning to keep my distance and to pray for snakes but not make a habit of getting down in the dirt to play with them."

Again I say - AMEN!

You'll want to read this book. You'll want to give this book away to all your girlfriends. You'll put it on your bookshelf and on the nights when faith seems far away, life seems harder than normal and the tears won't stop - you'll pick it up again and feel like you've found company for your journey.

Releasing this summer - pre order it TODAY! You'll be glad you did.

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