Thursday, April 21, 2011

Risen Indeed

Before I could even say I'm sorry for sins I had not yet committed - Christ died for me.

If I've heard God whisper anything in these weeks it's been, "You were worth it." Truth be told-I don't feel worth it. Every single day I do things, say things, harbor things in my heart that make a complete mockery of His sacrifice. Not in an attempt to gain His love, but just out of respectful appreciation for all that He has done, I want to take life more seriously, especially my walk with Him. He is worth whatever sacrifice. It's a constant day by day remembering to give myself all to Him. I'm leaving this Lenten season with the words "Be intentional" blazoned on my heart.

And with that I am going to take the rest of Holy Week off from blogging to let the meaning of His death, burial and resurrection soak deep within this heart. Be back Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read the fruits of your Holy Week prayers Brenda. I love this post 'be intentional' - great wisdom. Isn't it amazing that he does say 'we are worth it?'