Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Liturgical Year Book Review

First of all, I love this ancient practice series put out by Thomas Nelson. Their brand has grown recently to include the deeper practices of faith and it is refreshing. As someone relatively new to the liturgical traditions, I loved this book. I couldn't agree more that the spiritual life is an adventure. I love to see the church calender provide the framework for a well lived life with God. This book was a great reminder to me that church is more than Sunday. We are joined in this life by the Spirit of God every moment of our lives and if we are careful to listen-we'll never be the same. I plan to reread parts of this throughout the year and have already shared it with those in my life who love the liturgical traditions. I hope Thomas Nelson will consider this first set of ancient practices a spring board for many, many more publications on similar topics.

*For Thomas Nelson

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