Monday, September 6, 2010


2 years ago this week I gave up sugar and I'm proud to say that's the last time any refined white sugar has been processed by this body. I remember the first few nights thinking there is no way I was doing this. It was exhausting looking at every single can, every bottle, and every box to find hidden sugar. It's still a mystery to me why we have to have sugar in kidney beans?!?! But, I was determined to make it 6 weeks. It consumed my thoughts for almost a week. I was cutting cake at work for a birthday and had to remember not to lick the icing off my finger. I had to intentionally walk by a plate of cookies and consciously remind myself not to eat one. It wasn't easy.

But as the days went by I started to realize sugar wasn't in the forefront of my mind anymore. I didn't have to continually remind myself not to eat it. I didn't have to try so hard to avoid it so I wouldn't be tempted. And then one day I just stopped thinking about it. At the 6 week mark I had zero desire for sugar and I realized it would be ridiculous to start eating sugar again "just because." Pretty soon I'd made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and my birthday without sugar. I decided after the first year that was it for me. No more sugar.

To reinforce my decision I've read some amazing books about the dangers and health hazards of sugar. I love The Prism Weight Loss System, Suicide by Sugar and Dr. Gott's material. I think what sealed the deal though was when a high school classmate was being diagnosed with cancer. To see where the cancer was growing they gave him a sugar solution to drink and then monitored where it went. The cancer was attracted to the sugar.

There's tons of reasons not to eat sugar, but for me it's a spiritual decision. I don't take the best care of this temple. I don't sleep a lot, I still don't eat as carefully as I should, I could stand to lose more weight and stand up straighter. At the heart of the matter, this temple doesn't belong to me. I am a home for the Holy Spirit to live. I want Him to be comfortable here. I don't want him to spend his time fighting through my bad habits to get to the heart of me. I want Him to have a straight path right to who I am. I want Him to make changes, convict and convince, love me and surround me with reminders of the Father without me getting in the way.

I've replaced refined sugar with an awareness of the Refiners Fire. There's nothing more I want to be than a refined vessel available to Him.

Refiners Fire
My Heart's one desire
Is to be-Holy
Set apart for You Lord.
I choose to be Holy
Set apart for You my Maker
Ready to do your will.

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Anonymous said...

I always liked that worship chorus.

I'm gonna go eat a brownie. ; )