Saturday, September 11, 2010

A hand to hold

I'm feeling a little lonely blog post coming on so if you don't want to hear me whine come back tomorrow for something deeply moving and spiritual :)

Today started out bad. I got to work last night and there was a snake in my office. A real snake all twisted up like it was going to strike at me. The guy that works the shift before mine screamed like a girl and went running. Thanks. Finally the security guard came up front with a duster (really?) and picked him up to take him outside. Apparently he wasn't poisonous since he had circle eyes. Whatev. I'm not getting that close to find out. So once the reptile drama was solved I settled into work realizing not only had I not slept last night but for many nights.

I'm frustrated which is my go to emotion for just about everything. But this week I've been really frustrated. Transition is difficult especially spiritually. I'm looking for a new church and it's really hard. My schedule doesn't really allow that much church involvement as it is and I keep finding myself when I can go with nowhere to go. Humph. Thankfully fall Bible study started this past Tuesday and I can already tell Abraham and I have been divinely connected for a time such as this. The music CD that accompanies the study says, "I'm longing for a place I cannot find." HEARD!!! That about wraps up my spiritual journey at the moment. Blah.

We're running the half marathon October 2nd and this past week was not filled with good workouts. All I think of when I imagine the race is-I. am. so. tired. already. I'm excited about going and in certain moments believe I can actually finish that, but I'm really......well....tired!

This past week for whatever reason I just feel lonely. I spent the week surrounded by lots of people everywhere, but I just felt sad. I'm fiercely independent and have never been on a quest to get married or die trying, but this week I just kind of wanted someone to ask how my day was and want to know the answer. I just wanted someone to say, "If you need a hand - I've got two. If you need a hug - I'm here." And this past week I kinda needed both.

It's a phase. It's a season. It's fine. It will most certainly pass.

In the meantime I'm thankful for a Savior who offers us Himself as the God of all comfort. And for silver linings......but I'll save that for tomorrow :)

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Sandra Heska King said...

A snake?? In your office?? Yikes!

Praying for you as you search out a new church home. XOXO