Sunday, September 5, 2010

God Speaking A Repost

God Speaking
I'm absolutely certain God speaks through His word ALL the time and I'm grateful for that. But I really love when He speaks through unexpected things which tends to happen to me, well, all the time.

The other day I was walking 2 of my dogs. Ella will walk right beside me as long as I want to walk and happily go home, curl up on the couch, and take a nap. She does not waver from the path. She doesn't smell everything that goes by. She just walks at whatever pace I decide for her. Odyssey acts like a crazy dog the minute I pick up his leash. He has never walked straight even with many books by The Dog Whisperer and lots of hours on the path. He's distracted in a half second by just about anything and goes home to run circles around the house until he passes out from exhaustion. I was thinking on that particular walk, "Ella, you are so much easier to lead. Odyssey, you're killing me. It would be more enjoyable for both of us if you were more willing to be led." I don't know what sounds the Lord is prone to making, but he more than occasionally resounds in my soul with a loud AHEM!

Oh, He's so right!! I've got His plan. I know His way. I know what He expects on this walk. I know His ways are perfection and He wants the best for me. And then I'm distracted by, well, everything. I can almost audibly hear the Lord saying to me, "This would be more enjoyable for both of us if you were willing to be led."

I'm really trying to get the word "but" out of my relationship with the Lord. I tend to have conversations more like this at the moment.

God: This way.
Me: okay, but, that way is shorter.
God: This way.
Me: okay, but, that way is easier.
God: This way.
Me: But I think I'd like that way better.
God: This way.
Me: Fine.
(Oh, he must delight in my immediate obedience!)

But this is the conversation my soul would rather have on a more regular basis.
God: This Way.
Me: Absolutely. Your way is best. I don't have to understand all the details, I just have to know You. After you. And then proceed to actually follow Him at HIS pace.

After a conversation last night about how we can't get it all together and be perfect in an instant (DARN), I had to laugh at a sign at starbucks this morning. "Our promise. Your drink will be perfect." It was such a sweet reminder to my life that we will be perfect too. It won't be here, but it will happen in a twinkling of an eye. We have the promise of Heaven and the hope of one day having it all together. Until then, we have to trust the One who can unravel the cords, put the pieces together, and meet us at every turn. It made such a difference to my life this morning to stop long enough to really hear His heart. He promises if we seek Him, we WILL find Him. What a relief that He's not falling off His throne every time we don't look or act like Him. But He does expect more from us. He expects us to give Him time to respond to our questions in whatever way he chooses. He expects us to give Him the time to work out the things in our life on His terms and in His way. He deserves that. I might think so, but I don't know better. Those who cannot save themselves need a Savior.

Hear Him telling you today, "Let me lead you on the path. It will be more enjoyable for both of us. And don't worry. You will be perfect one day. It's my promise to you."

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