Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Right to Rest

I'm not a very peaceful person. There. I said it. I really like the idea of peace and I love to be around people who seem to grasp the concept but me? Not so much. I'm goal oriented, purpose driven, and accomplishment happy about 98% of the time. All of which is why when I daydream I dream of comfy pj's, soft sheets, uninterrupted naps, Ashram's in India, The Abbey in Kentucky, long prayer times without a watch, reading a book just for fun and mindless tv.

I'm leaving next week for Nashville for 4 days. I'm staying in a super comfy hotel with soft sheets. I have perfect PJ's. I can take a nap several times a day if the mood strikes me. I can watch mindless tv. I'm going to spend time with friends I already know and friends I'm about to make. I'm excited and I need it.

Looking around my house tonight I'm starting to doubt myself. Should I have just stayed home for a week? There's so much I need to do around my house. I have one dog in my lap, one beside me and one on my feet. I hate leaving them! Should I have stayed here and spent time with them?



Because I've stayed home for vacation before and you know what? It wasn't vacation!!

I need a break from productivity. I need the chance to do whatever I want to for a few hours. I need to spend time with friends. I need to be away from here.

As soon as I get back my fall Bible study starts, there's a lot going on new at work that week, I'm going to start leading prayer for the Abbey on Wednesday nights and plenty of other things that are awesome opportunities. I need to rest before then. I can't live this close to the edge.

I need to talk through some things in this life with the One who created it and is currently sustaining it.

It's been a rough season relationally and I really need to find that sweet connection with the Lord again and spend time with His people.

So, that's what I'm going to do. Thankful that God is everywhere. Excited that sometimes he calls us to be away with Him and He promises to meet us there.

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Sandra Heska King said...

You had a great time, right? I hope it was restful. It's not only a right--it's a requirement.