Thursday, August 5, 2010

How it happened

So much of life is a mystery and so much of life just isn't. It's so hard sometimes to know why this and how that and who what. Most of the time though if we sit down long enough and think hard enough we can see how the pieces fit together.

Last night I was frustrated for no reason. Cars not turning quickly enough on the way home was exceptionally annoying to me. I fussed at my dog for getting in the cat food. I fussed at the cat for not eating her food soon enough. I was irritated that it was hot, I forgot to put the laundry in the dryer and couldn't find several things that I didn't need right at the moment but felt like I did. Yuck.

So I went to the place any good girl goes to process her thoughts - to get a pedicure. As I was sitting there I realized it wasn't that surprising I was stressed out.

-I'm doing more than I've ever done which is wonderful but a little exhausting.
-It IS hot and it's harder to run so much with the temperatures so high.
-I haven't been sleeping well at all and my dogs have been getting up at all times of the night.
-My hemoglobin this week was at transfusion level low
-Stress within several relationships has made me crazy upset and feel like everything solid was in a whirlwind for awhile.
-I haven't been to anything at church in over a week due to some scheduling things and different activities.
-I found myself yesterday not praying at all because I knew I would never get through my list. I know-genius.

I thought yesterday more than anything I'd like a new feather bed, comfy pajamas, a good book and a few days to rest. Batteries-empty. Stress-high. Life-frustrating.

Thankfully relief is not so far away! I'm so looking forward to spending a few days in Nashville, TN later this month to visit some old friends and make some new friends. I've even extended my stay an extra day to do NOTHING just for fun! I love being super human, but I really need a break. I'm thankful God knew months ago when I scheduled this trip just how much I would need it.

2 Samuel 7:1 .......And the Lord had given him rest on every side........


Anonymous said...

Our Beth Moore video last night was about rest!

Andrea said...

That's awesome, Brenda. Take time away for you and hopefully spend some precious QUIET time with the Lord.

Andrea said...
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Sandra Heska King said...

Nashville. Only a day away. But a long day.