Friday, August 13, 2010

Choosing to See-A book review

Bottom line what I loved about this book is the honesty. From the very first page I was enthralled by the stories, the gut wrenching truth and the funny stories all blended perfectly to create an amazing journey. I can't imagine losing a child and at the hands of your other child-there are no words. This family has not only overcome the situation but triumphed through it.
I think the easier thing would have been to write a short statement in a Christian magazine about God's faithfulness. It would have been easier to let people think they have it all together and are doing well.
She didn't have to mention that she was already on an anti-depressant when Maria died and now that she's gone she takes one that's stronger. She didn't have to tell anyone the sweet stories about Maria that maybe were a little embarrassing to them! Precious.
One of my co-workers lost her son last year-her only son. It's been a little over a year and the other day she was talking about whether it ever got easier. She said, "It doesn't get easier, it's always there, but it does get not so raw." I totally heard that.
You would never get over the loss, but you would learn to live with it. I love that Mary Beth emphasises that it's a CHOICE. It's a choice to live with your grief but move on. It's a choice to celebrate in spite of your heartache. It's a choice to choose to live.

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