Monday, August 30, 2010

One Day Soon

I've been thinking a lot about Heaven lately for some reason. My main disappointments with scripture are not knowing what happened to Esther and not knowing enough about Heaven. I believe in the sovereignty of the Bible-fear not. I believe if we needed to know more it would be there, but still, I want to know more.

Some days I'm just ready to be on the other side of the pearly gates forever. I want Jesus to not just be near, but be right there. I want to turn the corner and run right into Him and then laugh about how I didn't always look where I was going on Earth either. I want to know what His eyes look like and finally see for myself the depths of compassion in them.

I want to appreciate in real existence the nail scarred hands as He takes mine. I want to tell Him in person that I never could have made it a single second alone. I want to see the bottle where my tears are stored knowing that not one was ever overlooked by Him. I want to tell Him that he not only gave me something to live for every day, but Someone.

I want to be where there's no fear. I want to be where tomorrow will be as peaceful as today over and over and over again. I want to be where each day goes as expected and there's never anything to ruin everything again. I want Death to be defeated and the Enemy to be in his final resting resting place.

I want to be so enthralled with Heaven that Earth seems like a dream I had once that I kind of remember, but not really.

I want that and One Day Soon it will be.

More than the beauty of Heaven, more than a continuous relationship with Lord, more than perfect fellowship and absolute worship-I want the Lord to look me in the eye and say, "Child, you did everything I asked of you. You waited on Me. Well done my good and faithful one."

I don't want to miss a moment, a blessing, a lesson, an opportunity. I want to run hard and I want to run well. Straight into His arms.

One Day Soon.

"And yet they're not like," said Lucy. "They're different. They have more colours on them and they look further away than I remembered and they're more...more....oh I don't know."
"More like the real thing," said the Lord Digory softly.

C.S. Lewis-The Last Battle


Anonymous said...

Love it, Bren! (But the idea of a bottle full of tears kind of makes me want to barf. lol)

Sandra Heska King said...

Oh, wow! Can you imagine? I love that you are having these longings.