Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Grown Up Christmas List

My family has always done Christmas well. We always knew the real meaning of the holidays but we also knew how to celebrate! There's nothing like a huge pile of gifts from people who are the absolute best at picking out the perfect present. We always spent Christmas at grandma's as a child and now we're spread out all over so it's not the same, but I still love the holidays. I love how everyone has traditions. We always had amazing food Christmas Eve and woke up early to open gifts followed by the best homemade cinnamon rolls. And I loved how you could just take the day to watch new movies, play with new toys and read new books. I always asked for lots of books and can remember the excitement over which one to read first! Yes, I'm a nerd :)

So what's on my Christmas list this year? This is the list that went to my mom who by the way is an excellent shopper. She's been known to take a list, go on-line, click click click and Christmas morning you have everything you asked for. LOVE THAT! Ha!

-The extra large bottles of Grace by Philosophy-body wash, perfume and lotion. I love philosophy. They have quotes on their bottles. Quotes! And it smells amazing. What's not to love. Hint: If you ever order any, go to the philosophy website and decide what you want and then go to QVC to order it. They have much better pricing and great gift packs.

-The movie Julie and Julia since I still haven't seen it! And I can't wait to own The Blind Side. If you haven't seen it run, don't walk to the theater. Awesome.

-John Mayer's new CD.

-The new red bake ware from Crate and Barrel. No, I don't cook but I like to be surrounded by cool kitchen stuff in case the mood ever strikes me. Ha!

-The new Nautical heels from Sperry. Tan snakeskin. Adorable and exactly what I think snakes should be made into-cute shoes. And the dark brown and light brown sperrys with brown laces. And the new 5 inch spike black heels with a pink bow from Kristin Davis. I heart shoes :)

-I'm getting a new DVR for the TV in my bedroom. I have a love hate relationship with TV and don't be surprised if by mid-January I'm cancelling it. I find TV overall a total waste of time, but I do like to listen to the news when I get ready. We'll see.

-Starbucks gift cards-shocking I know.

-a magic bullet to make smoothies and salsa

-Compendium journals-also my favorite

-Hue Pajamas

-Several books

-A Steam Mop

-A Vera Bradley area rug for my closet. Yes my closet is big enough to require an area rug. I built it just like that :)

And a partridge in a pear tree.

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Anonymous said...

This is an awesome list. I wish someone would buy me everything I want on my list. lol