Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yoga as Freedom

I know I've been a little quiet on the yoga front lately. You can thank an out of line vertebrae (ouch!) and some super hard poses for that silence. We've been working on bridges and wheels and various poses of fun that once you're in them you have no idea if (or how) you'll ever return back to standing again.

My schedule has been nuts the past month. My yoga teacher asked me how I felt about life at the moment a week ago. My honest answer? "I feel like a dog on a short leash in a small cage. I feel like a slave to the clock and my to-do list." She suggested we work on some poses that encouraged a sense of freedom. I was skeptical. Bend this way and feel free? Yea right.

We worked on a few poses and then spent a long time in the side plank pose. My initial thought? This is how people break hips! We held it on both sides for a long time. Long. "Reach farther." Okay. Closed my eyes and reached farther well aware that all xxx pounds of me was mainly being supported by one foot and one arm. I was too busy focusing on the movement to pay attention to feelings.

We finished and settled into savasana. After a few moments she said, "How do you feel now?"

No kidding-Like a bird released from a cage. Free.

Yoga continues to amaze and inspire me. Thankful for these moments with faith and movement collide.

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