Monday, June 20, 2011

Letting the tea kettle whistle

Ever need a reset? A do-over? A minute to re-group? Just some time?

Me too and next week I'm going to do exactly that. More about that adventure later, but for now, I'm learning to be quiet and still.

I have a tea kettle. A red one. It makes that high pitched, "your tea is ready" sound that drives my dogs crazy. I never let it get that far. It's hot enough. Hit off. Carry on.

Most days I just use my water cooler that has a hot water option. No sound. No waiting. Put tea in to go cup and I am out of here.

But this morning I put the water in the tea kettle, placed it on the stove and waited. I heard the water start to boil and saw the steam start to emerge. Sometimes when all that's inside bubbles over we come to life, too.

I let it screech announcing it was done and thought about how when we've had all we can possibly handle, the Father removes us from the heat. Slowly, it quieted and so did I.

I poured the water over the tea bag and took time to witness the transformation. I felt the Spirit whispering in my heart that He was near, present, able and willing to be all that I needed in this day, this moment, this place.

I added vanilla almond milk and sat on my counter not wanting to get too far from the thin space between Heaven and Earth. I whispered prayers of thank you.

Thank you for the transformations. Thank you for Your patience with me. Thank you for the times when you've turned up the heat so that all that is within me bubbles over and reminds me to live. Thank you that when life is too hard you rescue me from the fire and draw me to Yourself.

And thank You for the reminders to stop long enough to let the tea kettle whistle. Let's do it again tomorrow. Amen.


Anonymous said...

I think that it is truly a gift Brenda when one can see God in everything, the ordinary, even a tea kettle. Great post.

Brenda Finkle said...

I agree - sacred space friend - in the most mundane moments of our day - He is there. Love that you see that.