Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heavenly. Kind of.

It seems like the popular trend these days to leave the misery of the Earth for a few moments, visit the heavens and then return to Earth to convey the experience in a $24.99 hardcover. Now before you hit comment and blast me for being skeptical, I'm not saying these people did not experience Heaven first hand while living in the confines of the Earth. I'm just not saying they did either.
It's certainly not for me to judge what God chooses to do in the life of another anymore than it is for you to judge what He's up to in mine.
I can only speak for myself and all I'm sayin is once I get behind the pearly gates-End Game. I'm NOT comin back!!

And Lord have mercy! What did this guy do to deserve this???????


Sue said...

You know, I personally think this is the legacy of more technology. Medical technology is bringing back people who would have been permanently dead fifty years ago. I don't think they all need to write books about it, but I do believe that near death experiences are more common due to all of the advances in resuscitation available. Whether this is a good thing or not depends on whether one, or one's family member, is restored to a fully functioning brain and body, or whether one suffers some sort of disability when one is brought back....

Brenda Finkle said...

I agree completely with Sue and feel that those that do come back having experienced something feel compelled to share those experiences. Science tries to explain away those moments re: mixture of a potent mix of brain chemicals and hormones at the time of "death" - Christians hang on every word seeking a glimpse of the promised glory to come.

I've read two of the four books posted - my favorite was the journey of the little boy to heaven and back. Children are such pure spirits and speak from such a place of honesty - I found myself living his loving time in heaven and being comforted by that experience.