Friday, March 4, 2011

Book Club

Thanks for joining us for the book club. You know I LOVE to read with people and this has been an amazing place to do just that. That said, we are all reading at such different paces. I've got people by March 2nd asking what the April and May books are! I understand that and have the same problem in other book clubs. I'm done! Now what? To even want to be a part of a book club, you have to be a pretty big reader and so many of you are.

The last book we read, "So Long Insecurity" came back with mixed reviews. My favorite part? You all shared with me your insecurities. It made me feel MUCH less crazy about my own! I knew I could never review the book without sharing your personal information and I would never do that to you. So, I'm not going to review it.

I am going to officially stop the book club and change it up. I'll go back to reviewing a book every Tuesday like I used to. Then, if you read the book and love/hate it and want to let me know-Great! And if you don't, well, don't! There are so many great books about to hit the market and I just can't limit myself to only talking about one a month!

I'll be reviewing some books that I'm reading and some books that my friends are loving. I always want to know what people are reading, so by doing this we can have more options. Good? Good.

Stay tuned for some more book giveaways in the very near future. Anytime you comment on a post in the month of March you're eligible to win! Yep, it's that simple. Details coming soon.

Thanks for understanding and for reading! More good books comin up!

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Haley said...

Aw, sad to see the Book Club go, but I guess (if I try really, really hard) I can see how it could probably be frustrating on your end to put forth effort in trying to please everyone (& make it enjoyable) only to receive mixed feedback. :(
I love seeing your recommendations & reviews, so as long as those keep coming, it'll help me cope with this loss. ;) They're usually so spot on & help me get more out of books than I could by myself.
Thanks, Brenda!