Friday, July 23, 2010

The Right to Lead

John Maxwell is definitely the go to guy for leadership advice-no arguments there. Occasionally I've thought his longer books were a bit much on the subject. That said, this book was perfect. Consisting of short quips and bios of leaders who have not just led, but led successfully this book is motivating, inspiring and concise.
In a world where everyone feels qualified to lead, this book exemplifies those who have gone through enough hard times to help someone else along. It puts the responsibility of leadership back on the individual and considers leading to be a privilege.
For guys, this is a great book. Start at the beginning, start at the middle or begin at the end and you will still find helpful advice usable in day to day leadership. For graduates this book is invaluable in beginning an education or career. For the average person it encourages the reader to lead where you are, make a difference where you live now, and develop skills to be a successful leader in the future.

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