Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stay tuned!!

I just scheduled a bunch of posts!! Some of your book recommendations have been read and reviewed. Several spiritual posts are complete. And other mundane mentions of my so called life are ready to go. Sorry for the delay. The blog is set to get a complete makeover in the fall and I've been working with Kaley to get that going. I'm planning to stay on a better schedule in the fall (Tuesday book reviews, etc.). I'll announce that soon. Those of you who have asked-no, the blog is not going private. I am now blogging for Thomas Nelson and Tyndale house publishers and they won't let it be private. Plus, so many of you get automatic updates by e-mail that it would just create a mess. So, I'll filter through the non-helpful comments and keep the ones I like :) The new blog will have private comments which should prevent some of the backlash that happens to come my way! If you get the blog by e-mail I'll still get your comments but they will no longer post to the actual blog.

Grateful to be on the journey with all of you and a special welcome back from his media break to Jim Kane. He sent me an e-mail the other day that said "I stand with you." What a wonderful thing to say :) Glad you're back.

LOTS more set to post starting tomorrow! Reminder we're reading the classics for the summer and we'll get back to our monthly list in the fall. Suggestions always welcome.

Talk to you soon,

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Jim Kane said...

Thanks Brenda for the kind word!