Monday, June 7, 2010

Goodbye Hello

This is my last car. PT Cruiser Convertible in Red (my favorite). I loved this car. Really. It was cute. It was fast (really fast!). I loved the convertible top even though it's 99% of the time too hot to use it. Super fun for road trips and great to drive.

Until it wasn't.

The past 6 months it had NOTHING but problems. Big problems. Problems it shouldn't have had at only 65,000 miles. Air conditioning, battery casing, some other car lingo I'm not familiar with but know it had a big price tag problems. And it wasn't getting better. Friday it didn't work at all and everything wrong with it was naturally not covered by any semblance of warranty.

So, what's a girl to do??'

She bought a new one :)

This is my new Jeep Patriot! Yes, I know it's still red. This is my 3rd red car actually. It's brand new and it's so perty!! No miles, cheaper payment, better gas mileage, cheaper insurance and back to a good warranty? I had to do it. I drove it all weekend and I love it! The dogs think that I picked this one just so we'd have more room to go to the dog park. They might be right :)

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