Sunday, June 6, 2010

People Places and Things

Hey Blog friends. Hope you've had an awesome week and a great weekend. Thank you all so much for the encouragement/re posts/etc. from my last post. And thanks even for the criticism. I can always use a little "get your act together and get on with your life" when it comes with love :)



I've been analyzing several relationships in my life these past few weeks. (Just friendships etc. not "relationships" - don't send your wedding attire to the cleaners!). I think sometimes you have to do that. You have to look at them and see what they're contributing to your life, what you're contributing to their life, ways to make it better, and what about it if anything needs to go. I think you have to be so careful with relationships born out of habits. I'm all or nothing in a lot of ways and it makes boundaries really hard to maintain. More on this in the near future.

Conclusions for now? I can't afford to lose anyone Spiritually. I need to stop being a baby and not focus on stupid lines that maybe do and maybe don't need to be in the proverbial sand. I also need to give much more of what I need to the Lord and let Him be my ultimate everything. I'm 30 years old. Just because I don't have my own family doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to sit at home a few nights by myself without being bored. I do not have to fill up a schedule out of fear. I run my mouth all the time about how busy I am and then talk about how I wish I could stay at home some evening and read a book. Well, I probably could if I wasn't trying to be Wonder Woman!! I NEED some down time. I need unending time with the Lord. I can't give him 10 minutes and expect to be spiritually filled to the brim if I start out absolutely depleted. I'm sure he appreciates my morning monologue while I dry my hair, but I'm wondering if I might feel like our relationship was stronger if I gave Him some time to speak to this often overwhelmed heart of mine. Going to work on that.
I'm not going anywhere that I know of anytime soon. I just like the title of this blog!! :)
Lately I've taken a huge lack of interest in things in general. I'm not really a things person. If you really, really, really love this purse-you can have it. If it would totally change your life to have the mug I'm drinking from, I'll run it through the dishwasher and it's all yours. I don't get attached to stuff. I like stuff I guess as much as the next person, but if you want it, really, you can have it.
Of course lately I've had some unpredictable incidents that have helped me eliminate the great desire for stuff. 2 months ago my TV got fried by lightning. I don't even kind of miss it. Weird but true. My garage door hasn't been working consistently for at least that long (again-lightning). I've rather enjoyed walking around my ENTIRE house to get to my car. Okay, that might not be exactly true and really wasn't this weekend when it was POURING down rain, but in theory I'd like to see the silver lining on occasion :) My dogs ate my very favorite pair of black sandals the other day. I loved those shoes. I love my dogs more and I can totally see where they were pretty enough to eat :) I could go on since the lightning really cooked a bunch of stuff, but you get the idea.
If I had to guess at the mind of God I would say most of this is part of a grand scheme to get me to focus on things that matter. To focus on the eternal and not things that will one day pass away VERY easily. To invest in things that are eternal. To put time, effort and money into things that truly will stand the test of time. I want to be a person focused on what's important.

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