Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Voice of the Psalms-Thomas Nelson

I hate to write this post because I've seriously enjoyed every book I've gotten from Thomas Nelson so far. And I do love the Psalms still! The good part about this book is that it does contain every psalm of the Bible in an easy to read format. It would be excellent for devotions - except for the translation. The Voice translation is not one I feel comfortable with reading very often. Maybe it's just because of examples like Psalm 22:7 that says, "I'm a loser." I know the Bible speaks to us today and transcends generations, but I don't think David said that. Call me crazy. I understand it's purpose and I appreciate the intent behind the approach. I just think it misses the mark entirely in historical and verbal accuracy. I unfortunately would not be able to recommend this one. I also found the additional content/comments meant to be helpful seriously distracting. Just my opinion!

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