Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Test Me in This Thomas Nelson Blog

First of all, I have read all of the ancient practices series and have loved every single title. Tithing is the 7th volume. I think there's pressure in society to only move forward, but God intends for us to remember the ancient practices that we might establish a lasting relationship with Him. I really enjoyed the interviews from several people that offered differing opinions on tithing. The common theme was that tithing initiates our lives as believers by showing compassion and trust. I found it incredibly interesting that tithing is the only time in the Bible where God says, "Test me in this." The one and only time! He said to look at your checkbook register and you will find out where your heart is. OUCH! And very true. Sometimes I feel in more than one way more committed to starbucks than I am to the ways of Christ. It was an excellent reminder not just to give 10% of our income to the Lord, but to live a life of giving. Live so that the Lord can trust us with the money and resources He makes available to us whether that's time, energy, money, physical possessions, etc. It was a good reminder to keep the mindset that what we have belongs to Him anyway.

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Krystal said...

I always hate it when people bring up the whole "look at your checkbook" thing. ugh Way to call me out! lol In that case, my heart is at Walmart. haha