Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter to my 3 year old self

I'm doing a blog series this week called letters to myself. One of my friends did it recently and it was awesome!! I think it's fun to look back and forward. Enjoy!

Dear Brenda,

You are 3 years old now but soon you'll be almost 30 (gasp!). It will go by quicker and slower than you'd expect depending on the season. Right now you live in Waterford, Pennsylvania in the house your grandparents used to live in with your parents and your 1 year old brother. From the stories I've heard I think life was better before he arrived on the scene (ha!), but he'll grow up soon and contrary to expectations you won't kill each other in adolescence. Your very best friend in all the world is Brooke and she lives next door. As soon as she learns to ride her bike without training wheels you will jump hard and fast on that bandwagon so you can ride with her. You love your grandparents more than anything and get in trouble just about every weekend by your dad for crying when it's time to go home from their house. In about 20 years though they'll come visit you for the winter at your house in Georgia and they'll be the ones crying when they leave!

Speaking of your grandparents-you'll be tagged "the favorite" very early on and great news-it never changes! Now instead of them buying you anything and taking you anywhere you want to go, they'll be changing lightbulbs in your house for you. You'll love it some day-trust me!

In about a year you'll read the Gingerbread Boy all by yourself for the very first time. From then on you'll always be trying to read far above your age level and will have a lifetime love affair with reading. I love that you're "reading" this book in the picture! And clearly you took that necklace from your grandmother's jewelry box-it was probably her idea!

Life is good at the moment, but there are hard things right on the horizon. You'll be moving to Erie soon which is when your parents marriage will fall all to pieces. They'll be divorced. Your mom will remarry and you'll move far far away to Illinois. You'll also inherit a sweet pug named Rascal who will immediately leave her love for her owner and become your very best friend. So begins a lifelong love affair with canines!

A lot happens in Illinois, but I'll save that for next time. Hang on! Life is just about to get started........

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