Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You're my dust

Remember that you are dust. And to dust you will return.
Genesis 3:19

I was fashioned by the Divine and created for eternity, but I'm temporary and sometimes I need reminded. Even in my most spiritual moments, I'm human.

Ash Wednesday always gets below clogging my pores and soaks into my soul. Deeper than I'm comfortable with, really.

So, tonight I'll kneel at the alter and feel the rhythm of the liturgical year embrace my heart. I'll participate in repentance knowing there's not enough time to rehash all the ways I've fallen short. And I'll find grace.

I'm embracing prayer in this season of Lent. Just this morning I prayed, "I'm a dead man walking. Marked for death. I am dust and to dust I am returning." And maybe just because I have a reverently amusing relationship with the Almighty, I'm pretty sure I heard him whisper, "Yes, you are, but you're my dust."

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