Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Prayer: there's an app for that

THANK YOU! All of your prayers I tucked away in my new cute polka dotted jacket and took with me to Illinois. We had a fabulous weekend of fun and fellowship in the Lord. It was such a privilege to be asked to speak and totally my honor to be there. To all the new blog followers - WELCOME! Look for some new posts right after this one. As promised the bookclub is still up and running. I will announce May (I KNOW we're already in May!!) soon. I've also promised to post my notes from the conference so I will try to do that soon as well. Thanks for everything!!

As you may have guessed from the title I have traded in the Blackberry for an Iphone. I had an Iphone at the beginning when they had LOTS of trouble, but so far this one seems to be fine. I do miss the blinking red light telling me I have a message. Other than that-yes I'd love to play words with friends with you. Screen name - brenkell

And on the same lines of prayer, would you pray for my friend Jennifer's mom? She's in the midst of major uncertainty medically and could use some comfort. Please pray for quick answers and easy treatment to whatever is wrong. Thank you!

And at the risk of whining (which I may still at a later date-ha!) I'll just say that today should have started with a little more coffee and a LOT more prayer!!! Lesson observed. Wow, it's been a doozie. Praying for new mercies tomorrow.

So, welcome to the blog family those of you who are new. Please comment and join in the fun.

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