Friday, April 16, 2010

Ahhhhh life - you're killing me.

My tendency to be unstable makes me nuts. Do you like how I followed a peaceful, beautiful post on the Abbey of Gethsemane by an in depth look at my real life (insanity)? Yes, me too. Those of you who thanked me for keeping it real - you're welcome. Those of you who think I should hold on tighter to Jesus? Believe me - any tighter and He wouldn't be able to breathe. Which instantly makes me wonder if Jesus breathes. I don't know.

In case you're not bored to death with my so called life already - here's the update. The lights came back on. I now own SEVERAL copies of my house keys and everyone I know owns their own set too! (Anyone with a set who wants to surprise me by coming over and cleaning my house-the pine sol is under the sink!) Garage door might get fixed if I remember to call the people to come look at it. It will go down if I hold the button FOREVER. And just to be fun it goes up with the push button in the car thingy. I don't know why. TV remains deceased. And now the DVD player has apparently died of a broken heart just this morning. Other than that the house is still standing which is something.

Had a great week of marathon training! 4 really good workouts, new work-out clothes and new running shoes. I'm hoping it's because we're getting better, but I feel certain there's a correlation between the new stuff and the good workouts! :)

Filed an extension on the taxes. I don't know what I think that's doing except postponing the inevitable, but it makes me feel somewhat powerful right this minute.

And other than that it's almost the weekend. Not feeling ready for it at all, but it's coming nonetheless. I'm giving myself permission to drink all the starbucks non fat iced latte's I can hold. Sometimes happiness is found in free refills. Just sayin.

Have a good one friends!

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