Monday, October 24, 2011

My Real Life Mondays - Iphone Photo Dump

Here's what I've been up to lately - the iPhone photo dump edition.

Making this awesome sugar free chemical free apple cranberry pie that will be making an appearance at Thanksgiving.
Rescuing this sweetie from the dryer. Her new favorite place to hide during thunderstorms. Bless her.
Remembering I've been drinking way too much coffee again.
Only drank 3 cups this weekend - getting back on track.
Cleaned up this room. Planning to spend LOTS of quiet time there in the evenings this week. Yoga, prayer, reading, etc. My soul has been SCREAMING for rest. More on that later.
I've been missing these friends so I'm drinking a lot of tea out of this mug lately.
And I've been getting much better at this yoga pose!
And making some great discoveries and spiritual connections in yoga. More on that later, too.

Happy Monday!!


~~Melinda Y.~~ said...

Love the pictures-The pie looks yummy! Would go perfect with coffee or tea in N'ville cup]
HaPPY Monday!

Rob said...

I thought you'd figured out an easier way to wash the dog! Seriously, I had to start checking the dryer for cats before turning it on. They come out nice & fluffy, but much more dazed than I am comfortable with.

Speaking of pie, yours looks WONDERFUL!!! My neice served a tomato pie for lunch on Sunday. Man, it's great to have a southerner is this family of confirmed Yanks!